Emily Brinkert

SVP, Head of People

The potential for growth is endless; The key is to remain people-first in your ambitions and provide the resources and runway for them to soar.

Whether it’s mind-bending performance art, expansive virtual gaming worlds or cutting-edge digital marketing tactics – Emily Brinkert has been empowering the organizations leading innovation.

Across her 20 years’ experience in highly creative and unstructured environments, Emily has tackled many untraditional challenges. She finds balance within chaos to unlock a team’s full potential. Her true passion is to ensure that human is always the main focus in practicing Human Resources.

In her career Emily has overseen over 5,000 performances of Blue Man Group, led the people discipline supporting global teams launching innovative video games on all major gaming platforms ranging from critically acclaimed console games through to gaming hardware and is now privileged to help grow the global integrated media organization, JUST Media.

Her experience within these organizations includes implementing programs and initiatives that enhance communication, removing “bureaucratic” roadblocks and helping people realize their potential while feeling valued. She builds foundational people operations that shape organizations and allows them to scale and grow.

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