Carmen Henderson


Ever since my first gig selling greetings cards door-to-door, I’ve been obsessed with accounting and contributing to a creative industry where we can move people.

Carmen is bold in the best ways possible. She’s funny, smart, organized and a straight-shooter in her proactive approach. As an experienced Controller working within the Marketing and Advertising industry, Carmen approaches challenges with enthusiasm, honesty and skill. It’s difficult to tackle problems, address issues head on and push forward against seemingly overwhelming obstacles, but Carmen does exactly that.

She works stealthily, accurately, efficiently and on deadline, every week, every month. Carmen is highly respected within the agency and by her financial peers. Her coworkers look forward (as much as one can) to monthly invoicing, forecasting and reconciliation with Carmen as their leader. In addition to excelling in the controllership functions, she has the unique capacity to creatively partner with businesses to solve problems and achieve business (not only finance department) goals. As a team leader, she sets clear goals and objectives to empower her group to succeed individually and as a team. Carmen plays with heart. She cares deeply about her team, executive leadership, customers and the company.

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