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DuckDuckGo: Advertising to a Privacy Savvy Audience

DuckDuckGo hit a daily record on Monday July 29th, with over 45 Million searches.  The alternative search engine markets itself as “The search engine that doesn’t track you.”  DuckDuckGo keeps your search history private and blocks advertising trackers, stating that “your data shouldn’t be for sale.” Though 45 million daily searches is paltry when compared Read More >

Google Marketing Live 2019: Recap

Just Media attended Google Marketing Live 2019 at the Moscone Center in downtown San Francisco May 13th – May 15th.  At #GoogleMarketingLive, or as the live stream announcers boasted: the “Super Bowl of Ads,” a number of new ad products and formats were announced including Discovery Ads, Gallery Ads, and the Bumper Machine.  We’ll recap Read More >

ABM Strategies with Google Ads

Interests from clients in ABM strategies seem to be ever-growing, and with good reason. A 2017 study by ITSA suggested that 87% of marketing programs that utilize ABM tactics see higher ROI in those campaigns than others. The shift from a traditional marketing mindset, aligned with mass audiences, to one with as narrow a target Read More >

6 Steps to Effective Lead Generation with SEM

You’re an entrepreneur or a marketing executive who’s tasked with driving more B2B leads during the work week. You may have a small or large marketing budget, and you may or may not be using paid ads already. Whatever the case may be, driving MQLs isn’t easy, and doing so is part art, part science. Read More >

From AdWords to “Google Ads”: Everything You Need To Know

What Google recently announced the name of Google AdWords will change to “Google Ads”. According to Google, we should see the change hit our accounts on July 24th. At a recent keynote event, Google elaborated on the change and what new products/features we can expect this year. Why With Google search, YouTube, Gmail, and GDN Read More >

Why You Should Bid on Your Branded Keywords

At some point, you will ask your search marketing account manager this question, And if you are the search marketing account manager, then you will be asked this question: “Why should we bid on our branded search terms, …when we are already listed at #1 in the organic search listings?” Here are the four primary Read More >

To Click or Not to Click: “Conversion-Worthy” Ad Copy

SEM is used more and more by businesses today to increase visibility, online presence and to drive the most conversions at the most efficient cost. The question every SEM marketer asks himself / herself is “how do I get the user to click on my ads and find value in the messaging and/or product/service?” With this, one Read More >

Tis the PP Season: Preparing your SEM Campaign for the Holidays

In life we take pleasure in a certain consistency: stars in the sky; the turn of the seasons; birthdays and summer holidays. However, the yearly increase in competition for Paid Search real estate is not one of those things. To give some context, in 2014, the jump in Black Friday keyword spend didn’t occur until Read More >

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