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What is a Tech Stack? Tech Stack Definition: a technology stack is a set of components or layers in a software offering that provides broad functionality. MarTech Stack Definition:  A MarTech (marketing technology) stack is a grouping of technologies that marketers leverage to conduct and improve their marketing activities. Tech Stacks are typically very complex Read More >

OH, CANADA! Update to Canada’s Anti-Spam Law

  July 1st not only marks Canada Day (Fête du Canada) or “Canada’s Birthday” – it also marks important changes coming to Canada’s data protection laws. July 1st 2017 will mark 3 years since Canada’s anti-spam law went into effect, which will be the end of the transition period given to organizations to fully comply Read More >


Stumbled across this gem of a report by Digiday recently and couldn’t NOT share it. Thank you Digiday! It’s hard to believe that we are already in the year 2016, but what’s even harder to believe is that Native Advertising has been around for 3 years already – Yes, 3 YEARS! It’s no secret that Read More >

Blurring the Lines: The Benefits of Blurred Lines in Marketing

Blurred lines! Not just the catchy song by Robin Thicke & Pharrell, but rather a concept that only the most successful marketers understand and actively employ. Marketers often struggle to find the balance between retail and e-tail, especially when it comes to linking the two together to show ROI. The fact is, today’s shoppers require Read More >

Viewability – Are Your Ads Even Being Seen? 5 Ways to Check

Digital fraud. We all know it exists, although up until recently the industry tended to avoid too much discussion on the subject, mainly because reliable verification was so hard. But it happens and exists in many different formats, like the practice of stacking ads, where a website has one visible ad on its page…

The Ever-Expanding Holiday Shopping Week

Coming off the heels of Black Friday and Cyber Monday week, it seems that this year was the year for adding new “Days” of significance to shoppers and marketers.  Below is a quick breakdown of the days that currently exist, including 2 new additions this year: – Gray Thursday – (New This Year) – Black Read More >

Don’t Become Immobile – Mobilize!!!

The Benefits to Mobilizing Your Business With the 2013 Bart Strike looming over the Bay Area, many of us have had PLENTY of time to ponder the current state of commuting and the effects is has on businesses. Whether sitting in horrendous traffic or sitting at home watching others endure, it seems that commuters and Read More >

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