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Getting Your Foot in the door: Best practices for the Pre-Nurture Nurture

The creative message and associated call to action in B2C advertising is pretty clear. Kellogg’s asks you to buy this box of cereal. Netflix requests you to sign up for a free 30-day trial. Capital One wants me to learn more about their credit card. The path from point A to point B is 100% Read More >

The Introduction of the New Demand Unit Waterfall

Every year there is a lot of talk around the SiriusDecisions summit. This premiere B2B conference attracts those in sales, marketing and product for a few days away from the office. Sessions like “Account-Based Marketing: What the Future Holds” and “Extending Personas into the Post-Sale Customer Lifecycle” give attendees the opportunity to engage and learn Read More >

Don’t Handcuff your Media Spend

Imagine that you are a Senior Marketing Director of a professional sports team in charge of generating more ticket sales. Or you are responsible for your car dealership’s online advertising dollars and theorize one of the most effective spots to spend your money is on You wouldn’t be wrong and neither would the Senior Read More >

Why Sales and Marketing Integration is Vital to Optimize Lead Campaigns

As a media buyer, with clients mostly in the B2B IT space, I have bought well over 50,000 leads in the past 10 years using a variety of tactics and media partners. But how many of these 50,000 leads have resulted in tangible sales opportunities for my clients? As that is the end goal, it Read More >

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