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Case Study: How Just Media Helped FireEye Generate ROI on LinkedIn

LinkedIn recently published a case study featuring FireEye to show how the team utilized LinkedIn to boost results of their lead-generation campaign and leveraged the platform for stronger ROI metrics.  The client saw tremendous improvement over the quarter and the quality of traffic driven from LinkedIn proved to be higher than other social platforms. Generating Read More >

The Year of Social Influencers

As savvy consumers, it’s safe to say that in this day in age, audiences are resonating less with logos and more with humans. Audiences are slowly shifting from retrieving their real-time product updates from television, radio and print media and instead leaning on channels like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. With 47% of online consumers using Read More >

2017 Social Media Trend Impacts: An Agency Perspective (Part 2)

In part two of this blog series, our social team gives their thoughts on the various platforms and what exciting developments they hope to see over the next 12 months. If you missed part one, click here for more 2017 social media trends. Microsoft + LinkedIn Join Forces In June of 2016 Microsoft made a pivotal Read More >

When Bots Attack: Media Geeks Combat Fraud

The promise of digital media is in its ability to easily measure and optimize our marketing programs. Without the appropriate measurement infrastructure in place, however, marketers oftentimes fall victim to the illusion of strong performance. What often happens is, the numbers being surfaced are averages and aren’t representative of what most customers are experiencing. Hidden Read More >

The Power of Search Meets the Power of Video: Next Steps to Unleashing Opportunity

In today’s world of vast media consumption sources, customers self-nurture through the buying process. At Just Media, we see it as our job to help clients build an infrastructure that leverages disparate data sets and technology to facilitate the self-nurture process through media and messaging. In fact, it’s at the heart of our philosophy in Read More >

2017 Social Media Trend Impacts: An Agency Perspective (Part 1)

Just Media has been running client paid social media campaigns since 2012 when targeting was rudimentary, spends were tiny and most B2B marketers never thought they would see their brand on Facebook. How times have changed. Our large team now handles everything from the complex interactive ad deployments, intricate audience set up using first and Read More >

To Conquest or Not To Conquest? That Is the Paid Search Question

Search marketing is fun. In each PPC account, you get to play around with a handful bells and whistles to consistently improve performance. But, what happens when you’ve had your fun with those bells and whistles and want to try something new? Easy. Go after the competition! Hmmm… not so fast. While it’s easy to Read More >

4 Reasons Why Digital Is Surpassing Television in Advertising

  At one point in our lives, perhaps after a long day at work, we’ve all looked forward to going straight home and heading to this big screen called the “television”. The television allows us to escape from the real world while living in a fantasy sphere. The television, in its traditional format, also delivers Read More >

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