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Old Habits and XP Die Hard

So I’ve been wanting to help my parents get back into ‘life with a PC’ for the last few months, coaxing them gently towards the internet, online photo exchange (so they can see the grandkids) and perhaps even Sunday morning IP video calls. First step on this journey is getting them a PC and after Read More >

Managing Bandwidths

One of the joys of being CEO is looking into the proverbial crystal ball and planning staffing levels on accounts with limited information on future activity. One thing we do know is that our business – now over 50% dedicated to managing online and lead gen programs – has shifted dramatically in terms of man Read More >

Online Mind Games

I spend hours every day on the web. Like most people I enjoy the many facets of this new media delivery platform…and as a result my mind is engaged in a whole variety of ways. Think about it for one second: Am I really in the same frame of mind when I’m writing email to Read More >

Day 1

I have often been told I have opinions and that I should, rather than rant at the odd poor client or salesperson, do something more and write them down. Well now thanks to some prompting by my buddy Dan Ortega (VP Marcoms at Astoria Software) I’m plunging into the wild world of online blogging. It’s Read More >

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