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Can You Trust the Web? The Story of Spikey Reed

  Last weekend a friendly neighbour offered us the opportunity to adopt a pet – an Australian lizard known as a Bearded Dragon. Of course my two young boys leapt at the chance and immediately named him Spikey. I was equally thrilled until forking out over $250 for a tank, lights, hiding log, sand, and Read More >

Is There Room for Remnant Bid Model in B2B Print Space?

Most people have heard me bang on about how much I believe in print media for achieving certain campaign goals. However as print budgets gets squeezed and issue sizes drop, I like many, have concerns about readers continuing to find sufficient content to interest them. Just looking at a few of this weeks IT publications, Read More >

2007 Spend Trends for the Top 50 Tech Advertisers

As part on my budgeting and planning for agency development, I recently reviewed the advertising spend data for the top 50 tech clients across all US media formats. The data I reviewed was supplied by my good friends at CNET via TNS Media Intelligence. Without being drawn into obvious discussions about spend data accuracy (I Read More >

IDC Directions- Anything New?

Last week I attended the IDC Directions event in San Jose to see what the anaylst community are telling technology marketers. I guess I was hoping as always to learn something ground breaking. Sadly there was not much new, just an emphasis on the more obvious which apparently still challenges the tech market. First in Read More >

Ever Met the Fuck Up Fairy ?

There are some days when just about everything one tries to do seems to turn into ever increasing circles of misery, when even the best laid plans come crashing down and when even the most innocent action has disastrous results…it can only mean one thing..the Fuck Up Fairy has come to visit. In a business Read More >

Business Predictions for 2008

Happy New Year to all. So in keeping with a well tried and tested media protocol, it seems appropriate to try and make some predictions for business in 2008 both in general and most importantly as far as Just Media is concerned. Firstly the general business climate. Well on the face of it the economic Read More >

Advertising Overload ?

First blog of December with the delay due in part to my vacation trip to the UK. Well now I’m sitting in a rental flat in London, jet lagged and ready to rant. So what’s got me bent out of shap this time….advertising overload !! Now for a media guy to critisize too much advertising Read More >

Recognizing Great Work

So like many I’m a sucker for a good campaign and as a professional of the industry (and frustrated creative director since here at Just Media we do, well, ‘just media’) I do recognize excellence when I see it. Today I’m congratulating the folks behind the new Guinness campaign. I came across this as an Read More >

Mixing Media and Politics

This is a subject I could probably write about all day. I have often been told that here in the US it’s high risk to talk about religion or politics – but what’s a good blog without some controversy !! So here’s the scene. I’m talking campaign tactics with one of our many creative partners Read More >

IT Magazines – Marketers, It’s Use Them or Lose Them !

On 13th November I received an innocuous looking email from one of my good friends at IDG announcing the closure of a couple of magazines in Finland including the IT magazine Itviikko. The email went on to explain that the market now supported only one remaining print magazine targeting IT pro’s. On the face of Read More >

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