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Lead Fatigue

Last week I had one of those great media lunch meetings where a publishing representative lets rip about the market and offers up insights and views that confirm some of my long held suspicions. Obviously I’ll not divulge names but needless to say it was a significant player in the IT space and the discussion Read More >

Olympic Experience

Before anyone imagines that I made it out to China, sadly that was not the case but it was still a quite excellent experience and worthy of some comment. As we all know NBC paid a massive amount of money for the event and they sure did well out of it. However I feel we Read More >

LinkedIn Grows Up

Had a great meeting with the folks from LinkedIn today and for the first time I’m actually excited by the prospect of discussing social media with a client with some actual real solutions that are both realistic to execute upon but leverage the social aspect of the network. For those not familiar, LinkedIn ,unlike the Read More >

Social Media and Linear Metrics

I read with interest this article on the problems marketers are struggling with in relation to the use of social media at the recent DMA conference. This highlights well the existing problem faced by social media and indeed online media in general as we move into 2008. The “Google effect” means that marketers are now Read More >

Barmy Ballmer ?? Part 2

Following on from my anti Steve Ballmer rant a couple of days ago (see previous post), I got to thinking more about just what will be some of the changes in media delivery in 10 years. Lets assume for a minute that several things have happened to facilitate IP delivery. Firstly penetration of broadband is Read More >

Barmy Ballmer ???

So Microsoft guru Steve Ballmer has predicted the demise of media as we know it with some pretty bold statements in his recent interview with the Washington Post. Steve feels that there will be no media that is not delivered via IP (the web) within a 8-15 year range. His particular point being the demise Read More >

Automated Media Buying… Is This the Future?

I just sat down and reviewed the new website from our friends at Techweb which is designed to assist in the media planning process for IT marketing professionals. As I play with the tools and consume some of the content provided I cannot help but think that here are the fledgling components that may revolutionize Read More >

Can You Trust the Web? The Story of Spikey Reed

  Last weekend a friendly neighbour offered us the opportunity to adopt a pet – an Australian lizard known as a Bearded Dragon. Of course my two young boys leapt at the chance and immediately named him Spikey. I was equally thrilled until forking out over $250 for a tank, lights, hiding log, sand, and Read More >

Is There Room for Remnant Bid Model in B2B Print Space?

Most people have heard me bang on about how much I believe in print media for achieving certain campaign goals. However as print budgets gets squeezed and issue sizes drop, I like many, have concerns about readers continuing to find sufficient content to interest them. Just looking at a few of this weeks IT publications, Read More >

2007 Spend Trends for the Top 50 Tech Advertisers

As part on my budgeting and planning for agency development, I recently reviewed the advertising spend data for the top 50 tech clients across all US media formats. The data I reviewed was supplied by my good friends at CNET via TNS Media Intelligence. Without being drawn into obvious discussions about spend data accuracy (I Read More >

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