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Why You Should Bid on Your Branded Keywords

At some point, you will ask your search marketing account manager this question, And if you are the search marketing account manager, then you will be asked this question: “Why should we bid on our branded search terms, …when we are already listed at #1 in the organic search listings?” Here are the four primary Read More >

To Click or Not to Click: “Conversion-Worthy” Ad Copy

SEM is used more and more by businesses today to increase visibility, online presence and to drive the most conversions at the most efficient cost. The question every SEM marketer asks himself / herself is “how do I get the user to click on my ads and find value in the messaging and/or product/service?” With this, one Read More >

Tis the PP Season: Preparing your SEM Campaign for the Holidays

In life we take pleasure in a certain consistency: stars in the sky; the turn of the seasons; birthdays and summer holidays. However, the yearly increase in competition for Paid Search real estate is not one of those things. To give some context, in 2014, the jump in Black Friday keyword spend didn’t occur until Read More >

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