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How Native Can Be Utilized for All Stages of Your Marketing Funnel

There are opinions as to whether or not Native should be on a media plan depending on the overall KPIs of the campaign. Some advertisers will utilize Native for awareness-driven campaigns but Native also works wonders when driving traffic to a company’s site or even helping with a bottom-funnel goal like leads. If you’ve run Read More >

What the FTC’s Native Advertising Regulations Mean for Your Brand

We’ve all been there, skimming through headlines when one title in particular catches our eye. We click at the promise of something interesting, but half way through the article we realize it is actually sponsored content, also known as native advertising. While the information within may be accurate, the fact that the article was financed Read More >

Just Media’s Brandon Friesen Shares His Thoughts With Contently: Can Native Succeed Programmatically?

Sponsored Content Is Becoming Programmatic, But Can Programmatic Ever Truly Be Native? The marketers fueling this growth see programmatic native as a means of getting the scale of programmatic displays without sacrificing the branding benefits they receive from hand-crafted sponsored content. In fact, Just Media President Brandon Friesen saw branded content on Nativo outperform paid Read More >

Native Advertising – What’s the Buzz About?

Native advertising has been the latest buzz lately in the world of advertising.  It has been around for years, but now more and more brands are adopting this media and breaking through the clutter of banner ads, that at times can be somewhat intrusive or completely ignored. Defined by columnist Felix Salmon of  “A Read More >

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