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2018 Facebook Updates: A Marketer’s Approach

Mark Zuckerberg’s recent announcement has sent shockwaves through the marketing world, and for good reason. He promises that 2018 will be the year that Facebook turns its focus back to the core experience of connecting users with friends and family. There is a lot of speculation in the market at this time about what kind Read More >

Facebook Looking to Strengthen Its Metrics

Update from the Just Media Paid Social Team: In early September, Facebook announced that the company’s video view metrics had been reported incorrectly for over two years. On Wednesday, November 15th, the company also announced they were over-reporting time spent on Instant Articles. These data issues have left some advertisers skeptical of the metrics that Read More >

Branded Content on Facebook

Having a celebrity endorse a product through branded content is nothing new—in fact it has been a popular marketing tactic for decades. However, despite its ubiquity, this type of branded content promotion wasn’t allowed on one of the largest social networks until a few days ago. Prior to last week, it was against Facebook’s policies Read More >

The Dirty Little Secret Behind Facebook Video Views

Facebook has been improving their video players over the last few quarters, and their new stats are nothing short of breathtaking. 8 billion views a day on Facebook? That’s an insane amount, and with Facebook improving their ad platform and audience targeting capabilities, it soon may make more sense to target videos on Facebook rather Read More >

Facebook Rolls out 360-Degree Video for iOS

Last week Facebook announced several updates to its 360-degree News Feed video offering, including the newly established compatibility with both iPhone and iPad. Facebook first introduced the ability to share and view 360-degree video within the News Feed on desktop and Android platforms in September, but limited distribution has prevented the widespread adoption of the Read More >

The Death of the Cookie: What Facebook Did that Microsoft Couldn’t

I was just sent this re/code article from a client on the Facebook relaunch of the Atlas ad serving platform. Naturally I became more curious and wanted to find out what this really means. After doing some more digging on the subject, they seem to have gotten a bit ahead of themselves…

Is Facebook really a strong ad platform?

This week I was interviewed by Martin Giles of the Economist for his excellent article about the Facebook IPO. This subject is by no means small beans for online marketers because the reality is that Facebook is indeed one of the most powerful platforms for consumer marketing that exists today. Why do I think this? Read More >

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