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Media Planning in a GDPR World

If you live in the world of global marketing and advertising, you’re hopefully well aware of the new regulation going into effect on May 25th, 2018 in the European Union (EU).  The General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679, or GDPR, law is focused on strengthening and unifying data protection for all individual residents of the EU Read More >

Super Bowl Advertisers turning to Digital Media

Are you ready for some football!? Super Bowl XLVIII is rapidly approaching – with advertising to prove it! As we are well in our way into 2014, the annual NFL Super Bowl championship is one of the most exciting days of television each year – not only for the fans of the competing teams, but all football fans rooting…

Don’t drink and drive (or … stop eating while consuming advertising)

There are lots of elements that influence performance of advertising – some of it measurable, some not. When it comes to online media, we have access to loads and loads of data and we are facing the challenge of making sense of what’s being collected (a good problem to have).  But for every question we Read More >

Combining OOH executions with Social Media

I saw this headline on the design section of this morning, “A High-Tech Street Sign That’s Plugged Into Social Media,” and was intrigued to read more. What a cool OOH concept – taking the age-old street sign and making it “smart” by allowing it to show different data points of interest that people can Read More >

Using Word of Mouth Advertising to Your Advantage

The oldest form of advertising is one that will never go out of style and one that often times can’t be controlled, or can it? Word of mouth is what many people rely on to make every day choices like where to go for dinner and even the more serious decisions like choosing their family Read More >

The Print Media Zombie Apocalypse

In 2007, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer famously declared: “Print is dead.” Perhaps he really meant “Undead”, because I sure do see a lot of print still roaming around in 2012! I mention this because I recently came across some leading magazines from theB2B Healthcare Vertical and it left a great impression on me. Imagine my Read More >

Retargeting: Time to get creative!

Re-engaging with your audience is one of the most successful strategies to drive a conversion. Today’s article on ClickZ points out a few rules we all need to keep in mind to ensure a positive experience for the user. Obviously, the risk of annoying the audience is high. In addition to frequency capping, opt-out icons Read More >

We Know What You Think!

A friend of mine sent me a link to an interesting company who have recently won a marketing innovation award, called Neurofocus. This technology of scanning brain patterns is not new and I recall hearing about it several years ago, based on the interesting results of studying subliminal messages as part of an academic study. Read More >

Soft Media Rates in 2009…I’m Not So Sure

Over the last few weeks I have heard numerous clients talk about an expectation of softening of the media rates into next year as the economy gets squeezed. But is this a reasonable assumption? I would argue that it’s not and that unlike many previous recessionary periods which have seen media owners slash rates, we Read More >

Olympic Experience

Before anyone imagines that I made it out to China, sadly that was not the case but it was still a quite excellent experience and worthy of some comment. As we all know NBC paid a massive amount of money for the event and they sure did well out of it. However I feel we Read More >

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