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How Brands are Utilizing the New Twitter Character Limit

No more are the days of cramming your Tweet into 140 characters. With its most recent character limit update from 140 to 280 characters, Twitter hopes to see an increase in engagement across the platform from users and brands. The recent decision to double character count stems from data they analyzed in the English-speaking market. Read More >

Facebook Looking to Strengthen Its Metrics

Update from the Just Media Paid Social Team: In early September, Facebook announced that the company’s video view metrics had been reported incorrectly for over two years. On Wednesday, November 15th, the company also announced they were over-reporting time spent on Instant Articles. These data issues have left some advertisers skeptical of the metrics that Read More >

Three Tips for Getting the Most Out of Facebook Video Ads

  Facebook video is a great avenue for marketers that want to establish brand presence and tell a story at a very efficient cost to a specific audience. It can be debated whether or not Facebook video is more costly than YouTube ads for a completed view, but with the amount of rich data Facebook Read More >

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