Articles for: Jonathan Monroe

When Bots Attack: Media Geeks Combat Fraud

The promise of digital media is in its ability to easily measure and optimize our marketing programs. Without the appropriate measurement infrastructure in place, however, marketers oftentimes fall victim to the illusion of strong performance. What often happens is, the numbers being surfaced are averages and aren’t representative of what most customers are experiencing. Hidden Read More >

Getting on Cognitive Easy Street

Are we achieving our goals? It’s something we, as an industry, talk about all the time. It’s how we justify our budgets and our plans. It’s what guides us as we optimize our campaigns and evaluate how they performed – sometimes even after just one month. But does marketing really work like that? Are we Read More >

The Media World is Flat

All Thomas Friedman references aside, the marketing landscape is a constant evolution of capabilities, trends, value props and sometimes kitschy ideas all vying for “our” attention. As these changes cycle through more frequently, media publishers and partners are continuing to re-invent themselves, salvaging what was working and adapting to the new media ecosystem. Typically this Read More >

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