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3 Misconceptions about Tech Content – Are You Guilty of Perpetuating these Myths

Last week our team was the first US agency to see the results of the 2016 IDG Enterprise Customer Engagement study, which looked at the purchase process preferences for over 1,000 IT decision makers. As you can imagine to a tech agency (and our marketer clients) who want to know how, when and where to Read More >

Why LinkedIn continues to fail (and why I’m buying stock)

The financial markets, media industry and many Just Media clients, have been reacting to news that LinkedIn stock dropped 40% on Friday based on its weak Q1 2016 guidance. Most importantly for B2B marketers, LinkedIn announced the closing of its controversial Lead Accelerator and Display Network products. The biggest reaction of course is a huge Read More >

If only I knew what other marketers are doing and how they are solving similar problems?”

If that statement has ever crossed your mind as you sit and contemplate your CMO’s most recent directive, then you are not alone. In a recent Just Media survey, the overwhelming feedback we received was that technology marketers are desperately looking to hear from their peers who share their pain in dealing with the ever Read More >

That’s Weird. Why would Just open in Austin?

BBQ, Live Music, and Innovative Digital Media The fact that we love Austin is not the only reason we just opened an office there. Admittedly the unique culture, atmosphere and charms of this town are well known and respected, but it’s not reason enough to make this our first expansion city. Now there are a Read More >

From the Blog Archives: The F*ck-Up Fairy – Back by Unpopular Demand!

Early in the days of my blogging history I wrote a piece about a little character that we used to always joke about (and dread). Here again for your delight is the original post. She’s just as relevant today as she was then…I just hope she does not pay you a visit anytime soon. The Read More >

Worst Super Bowl Call Ever – This Year’s Adverts?

Being a foreigner, it’s taken me a few years to start to embrace the whole event that is SuperBowl Sunday. Frankly watching a 60 minute game that lasts three and half hours is a massive commitment that traditionally is only made tolerable by ample use of a DVR and the skip feature. But as a Read More >

7 Can’t Miss Media Predictions For 2014

The first few days of 2014 are upon us and it’s a time for reflection on the passage of 2013 and looking forward to what will be in store this year. As a media agency CEO, the forward thinking has to include resource planning and professional guestimates on where the marketers…

Mobile battle lines are drawn and will media owners will be the biggest winners?

This week saw one of the final pieces of the mobile jigsaw slip into place for what promises to be a monumental battle in the next few years. With Microsoft’s purchase of Nokia, the three major mobile OS players – Apple (iPhone), Google (Motorola) and Microsoft (Nokia) now all own a hardware ecosystem upon which Read More >

“Acceptable Ads” What a Load of ****!!

Over the last few weeks and months, there has been a growing noise around the disabling of third party cookies that allow advertisers to track and deliver ads to consumers. In fact, Mozilla just postponed the default blocking of third-party cookies in Firefox. On the back of that debate, I’ve been hearing more about the Read More >

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