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Radio is Hot Again: The Benefits and Challenges of Advertising on Digital Radio

First patented by Guglielmo Marconi in 1896, the radio is one of the oldest forms of mass communication. Given this 120 year history, few would have guessed that in 2016, radio would become more popular and relevant than ever before. Digital radio is transforming the way that people consume music by allowing them to customize Read More >

How the 76ers and StubHub Are Patching Things Up in the NBA

It was recently announced that the Philadelphia 76ers and StubHub have officially formed the first jersey patch partnership in NBA history. The 76ers will become the first team in major American sports to sell advertisement on a jersey. (Rovell, ESPN) What does this mean for the industry? Nobody knows for certain. As Adam Silver, the Read More >

3 Essential Skills for New Media Professionals

Tips from One New Hire to Another With college graduations wrapping up and summer on the horizon, a new wave of eager job-seekers and future media professionals will be joining the media industry. Aside from having a strong motivation to learn new things, paired with a strong work ethic, traits necessary for new hires in Read More >

4 Reasons Why Your Company Needs Paid Social Media Advertising

In today’s social media advertising world you have to pay to play. In the early years of social media marketing, impressions and influences were earned by organically posting intriguing content. Now they are sold to the highest bidder. Companies who are dragging their feet to incorporate paid social media advertising are missing out on a Read More >

Pay Attention, Automated Messaging Offering New Approach to Customized Advertising

While chatbots don’t have the best reputation today (looking at you Tay…), the potential for future use is undeniable. What does Automated Messaging have to offer? Automated messaging is starting to gain traction in the digital advertising industry. What sets it apart from other messaging is that it offers the ability for the consumer to Read More >

Top 3 SEO Trends in 2016

We are approaching the midway point of 2016, and the winds of change are already setting new Search ships a-sail.  We at Just Media have our sights set on Paid Search, but Search Engine Optimization retains a huge presence in our strategic thinking.  The company website is the foundation for all that we do in Read More >

Is This the Death of TV Ads?

Recently, it seems that more and more companies are leaning towards advertising through YouTube and other online video outlets instead of television. Nielsen conducted a study that shows during a week where popular dramas were returning on air, the viewership dropped by double digits. Surely around nationally televised programs (i.e. SuperBowl), there will still be Read More >

Going Off Screen

While most twenty-somethings are typing away, I’m still putting pen to paper. I have always handwritten my notes and letters. I use paper planners, handwritten lists, and sticky note reminders. I even have a separate notebook for each of my clients in my desk drawer. I just figured I was old-fashioned until my boyfriend (a digital storage devotee) sent me The Read More >

The Media World is Flat

All Thomas Friedman references aside, the marketing landscape is a constant evolution of capabilities, trends, value props and sometimes kitschy ideas all vying for “our” attention. As these changes cycle through more frequently, media publishers and partners are continuing to re-invent themselves, salvaging what was working and adapting to the new media ecosystem. Typically this Read More >

Data Visualization: A Picture Really Is Worth A Thousand Words

You heard it recently — a lot happens in an Internet minute. In fact, according to Cisco, by the end of 2016 global IP traffic will surpass one zettabyte (!) per year. With all these bits and bytes flying around, how do we stay afloat in a vast sea of information? After all, interpreting data Read More >

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