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Why You Should Bid on Your Branded Keywords

At some point, you will ask your search marketing account manager this question, And if you are the search marketing account manager, then you will be asked this question: “Why should we bid on our branded search terms, …when we are already listed at #1 in the organic search listings?” Here are the four primary Read More >

OH, CANADA! Update to Canada’s Anti-Spam Law

  July 1st not only marks Canada Day (Fête du Canada) or “Canada’s Birthday” – it also marks important changes coming to Canada’s data protection laws. July 1st 2017 will mark 3 years since Canada’s anti-spam law went into effect, which will be the end of the transition period given to organizations to fully comply Read More >

The Introduction of the New Demand Unit Waterfall

Every year there is a lot of talk around the SiriusDecisions summit. This premiere B2B conference attracts those in sales, marketing and product for a few days away from the office. Sessions like “Account-Based Marketing: What the Future Holds” and “Extending Personas into the Post-Sale Customer Lifecycle” give attendees the opportunity to engage and learn Read More >

Is Your Demand Marketing Not Running Right? Check the Engine Light

One of the things we enjoy the most at Just Media is meeting with clients that really want to evolve their demand gen strategy. We have more powerful tools at our disposal, more than ever before, and we can make a major impact rather quickly. For our clients running cost-per-lead programs, Integrate’s Demand Orchestration Software Read More >

Reigniting the Core Values in Your Brand

Brand safety has met a defiant foe in 2017. With a vacuum of political unrest consuming all facets of media, brands have had to steer through mine fields to avert unintended brand alignment. Although blacklisting and averting politically charged content through brand safety tools can help brands evade these situations, some companies have chosen to Read More >

Case Study: How Just Media Helped FireEye Generate ROI on LinkedIn

LinkedIn recently published a case study featuring FireEye to show how the team utilized LinkedIn to boost results of their lead-generation campaign and leveraged the platform for stronger ROI metrics.  The client saw tremendous improvement over the quarter and the quality of traffic driven from LinkedIn proved to be higher than other social platforms. Generating Read More >

The Year of Social Influencers

As savvy consumers, it’s safe to say that in this day in age, audiences are resonating less with logos and more with humans. Audiences are slowly shifting from retrieving their real-time product updates from television, radio and print media and instead leaning on channels like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. With 47% of online consumers using Read More >

2017 Social Media Trend Impacts: An Agency Perspective (Part 2)

In part two of this blog series, our social team gives their thoughts on the various platforms and what exciting developments they hope to see over the next 12 months. If you missed part one, click here for more 2017 social media trends. Microsoft + LinkedIn Join Forces In June of 2016 Microsoft made a pivotal Read More >

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