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Fascinating Results of Radio’s New Measuring Techniques

Although we buy radio advertising on behalf of some clients and are actually quite strong proponents of this media platform for certain types of campaigns (for example retail promotions) I certainly don’t claim to be an expert. This week we were visited by Victoria Mann a lovely sales rep from SF station KFOG. She took Read More >

Digital Editions – Do They Count?

United Business Media announced Thursday that four issues of Information Week this year will be available solely as downloadable interactive PDFs. The publication is calling these four PDFs “InformationWeek Green Issues.” and said it will plant a tree for each of the first 5,000 downloads of each of the four issues in conjunction with American Read More >

A Master Class in Using Social Media for a Business

In these times of high stress and depression it’s always nice to find a story that brightens the day. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did: We all know the business world has become obsessed with finding ways to use social media to promote their brand. It’s a delicate balance and most Read More >

Does the Industry Have the Courage to Say No?

If the report in the recent Advertising Age is true then the media and advertising industry needs to take a good hard look at itself. And frankly it’s going to need to get itself a set of “chicken nuggets” large enough to avoid being held to ransom. In case you have not heard, some of Read More >

What Price Content?

I was listening to a very interesting debate from the Charlie Rose program about the future of newspapers with Walter Isaacson of “Time,” Robert Thomson of “Wall Street Journal” and Mort Zuckerman of “The New York Daily News”. A couple of items caught my attention. Firstly the comment that Google devalues everything – the argument Read More >

Business Predictions for 2009 and A Look Back…

As we start this new year, it’s appropriate to look forward to 2009 predictions and also interesting to look back at 2008. I was amazed and slightly perplexed to read my introduction notes to my 2008 predictions. At that time I was already noting tough times ahead for the economy and likely recession – interesting Read More >

Soft Media Rates in 2009…I’m Not So Sure

Over the last few weeks I have heard numerous clients talk about an expectation of softening of the media rates into next year as the economy gets squeezed. But is this a reasonable assumption? I would argue that it’s not and that unlike many previous recessionary periods which have seen media owners slash rates, we Read More >

Lead Fatigue

Last week I had one of those great media lunch meetings where a publishing representative lets rip about the market and offers up insights and views that confirm some of my long held suspicions. Obviously I’ll not divulge names but needless to say it was a significant player in the IT space and the discussion Read More >

Olympic Experience

Before anyone imagines that I made it out to China, sadly that was not the case but it was still a quite excellent experience and worthy of some comment. As we all know NBC paid a massive amount of money for the event and they sure did well out of it. However I feel we Read More >

LinkedIn Grows Up

Had a great meeting with the folks from LinkedIn today and for the first time I’m actually excited by the prospect of discussing social media with a client with some actual real solutions that are both realistic to execute upon but leverage the social aspect of the network. For those not familiar, LinkedIn ,unlike the Read More >

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