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Social Media in Tech – Where are We Now…??

There continues to be lots of debate about social media and the role it should take within the marketing mix. It’s something I have spent many hours agonizing over, not least because I continue to wrestle with the role our agency should be playing in this space. At this time I’m still convinced this is primarily Read More >

From Dick’s Desk: Back with Blog and White Paper

Hello to all – it’s been almost six months since the last blog and much has happened – new site, whitepaper content, huge changes within the company and across our industry as a whole. First up I hope you like the new site and the whitepapers. Please let me know by leaving comments here. I’ll Read More >

Windows 7 – Last Chance for Microsoft??

As a small business owner there are always periods of time when investments in infrastructure become a blinding necessity. Just recently we embarked upon a re-branding and website overhaul which we trust will be completed by the end of this month – that’s a significant investment in time, energy and cash. But the rewards are Read More >

B2B Research – Brand verses Demand Gen

I was extremely interested to see some coverage of a research piece between Ziff Davis Enterprise, Forbes and B2B agency Stein Rogan and Partners. The article link on B2B magazine can be found here. Firstly the findings that a majority of B2B marketers (64%) are giving equal weight to branding and demand gen is reassuring. Read More >

From Dick’s Desk: Wow What a Ride!

I was staggered to see that my last blog post was back in May. In some ways that reflects the internal shift in focus required by all during what was some massive upheavals within both the media industry and our own company. It’s nice to finally come up for air. I guess everyone who works Read More >

Now This is Funny – Every Client Should Watch This

The following video was sent to me and like most agency folks right now it’s nicely summarizing the types of conversations that are happening in the real world. I guess we may even be accused of doing the same thing with our publishing partners as we squeeze them for more value. Thankfully since we don’t Read More >

Why Some Tech CMO’s Succeed and Others Don’t

There is an interesting article just been posted on the Forbes site once again noting that the most dangerous C suite title to carry is that of CMO. The article notes that the average tenure for a CMO is just 28 months compared with 38 months for CIO’s and at least four years for other Read More >

Google Gets a Dose of Media Reality

I sometimes joke with the Just Media team that media planning could be done by a bunch of trained monkeys. It’s one of the reasons clients are always trying to pay us peanuts for our services! Indeed in this modern economy of cost cutting and service justification it’s often the impression that agencies like ours Read More >

We Know What You Think!

A friend of mine sent me a link to an interesting company who have recently won a marketing innovation award, called Neurofocus. This technology of scanning brain patterns is not new and I recall hearing about it several years ago, based on the interesting results of studying subliminal messages as part of an academic study. Read More >

Ad Spends to Drop in 2009 but Should Yours?

The parent company of Just Media’s London office, Aegis Media, have just announced their 2009 media ad spend predication’s. Global decline was predicted as being down by 5.8% while in the US this figure was predicted to fall by 9.8%. For an industry that creaks and groans as soon as it is not experiencing year Read More >

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