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Digital versus TV: Advertisers are for the First Time Spending More on Digital

In today’s fast paced world, people are viewing more content on their mobile devices than on TV. Mobile devices give people the ability to control what content they consume and at a quicker pace, with bite sized information readily available at just a swipe of the finger. Television up until 2013 was still beating out digital and generating more ad revenue. Thanks in large part to Mobile, advertisers are for the first time spending more on digital than broadcast television ad buys according to the IAB’s annual Internet Ad Revenue Report.


Condolences to the IDG Family with the Passing of Pat McGovern: What a Legacy of Community

On behalf of the Just Media team, we want to extend our thoughts and condolences to the IDG family after hearing the news of the passing of IDG & IDC Founder, Patrick J. McGovern.

You can read about the amazing life of this man here.

Last week I attended the “9th Annual IDG Marketing Summit” in Cupertino, CA, right in the heart of Silicon Valley. It was a gathering of a hundred or so senior-level marketers from dozens and dozens of leading tech companies, tech start-ups and agency-folk like ourselves. What compelled a community of individuals from the likes of Box, Boundary, Cisco, Fujitsu, HP, Intel, Juniper Networks, NetApp, NETGEAR, Polycom, Samsung and Tintri to gather? Simple…the thought-leadership of IDG.


Wearable Technology: How (And When) Can Advertisers Take Advantage?

I’m not a fan of wearable technology.  I carry a cell phone and that’s it.  When Samsung came out with its Galaxy Gear Smartwatch, I scoffed and was certain it’d come and go with the likes of the Apple Newton and Sony Betamax.  Apparently, I was wrong.  If the plethora of wearable technologies on display at this year’s CES is any indication, wearable technology is here to stay and is only getting more elaborate.  Though the smartwatch is not my favorite, wearable technology comes in many other forms such as Google Glass, Bluetooth Rings, and the Fitbit.


And the winner is – Social Media!

The Academy Awards is the second biggest TV event behind the Super Bowl.  This past Sunday night, the award show scored its highest ratings in a decade with 43 million viewers.  The average cost for a :30second spot was $1.8 million, which equated to at least an estimated $90million in ad revenue.   Thanks to social media, these awards shows are making a comeback as viewership continues to increase year over year.  Just Twitter alone, received over 14million tweets related to the #Oscar awards .The best way to catch some of the highlights from this event was by following your social media feeds.  If it’s interesting enough for your network of friends to be talking about, then it’s definitely worth tuning in and seeing what the buzz is all about.


The Rise of “Engagement” as an Advertising Tool

While reading some articles I happened upon one from titled “In the Social Age, Don’t Advertise, Engage.” The article goes over why it is important not to merely throw an ad in front of people and expect enthusiasm; instead you need to engage the audience to spark interest and ultimately reinforce your brand.


This Isn’t Your Father’s TV

Twenty years ago, the TV advertising landscape looked very different than today. The average American household had access to 28 TV channels and brands like Fox, Nickelodeon and TNT were start-ups. Today, Americans have over 160 channels and watch networks like the Military Channel, ESPNU and Adult Swim.  Long gone are the days when TV was the only screen to watch your favorite programs. Nowhere is change more intense and complex than in video. We are shifting from a TV landscape to a multiscreen video landscape.


Super Bowl Advertisers turning to Digital Media

Are you ready for some football!? Super Bowl XLVIII is rapidly approaching – with advertising to prove it!

As we are well in our way into 2014, the annual NFL Super Bowl championship is one of the most exciting days of television each year – not only for the fans of the competing teams, but all football fans rooting on the sport itself in the biggest game of the year.

An estimated 108 million viewers tune in to see the big game, and with that comes the strategically planned advertisements from brands who can pay the big bucks for their :15 and :30 timeslots.


2014 The Continued Growth of Social Media and Content Marketing

What the Exodus of Youngsters on Facebook Means to Social Media and Content Marketing in 2014

Happy 2014! As we have now finished 2013 and the reviews of everything that has occurred in the past, it is a good a time as any to look ahead to where the advertising industry is going not only in 2014 but  beyond as well. The growth of social media advertising has really blossomed, with Twitter and Facebook leading the pack (not to mention LinkedIn, which is a subject for another day).  New tools and targeting capabilities are being added almost weekly, while YouTube is also adding new features faster than users can adopt them. It is also interesting to view the continued disdain of online banner advertisement (read banner blindness), and where the industry seems to be going.


7 Can’t Miss Media Predictions For 2014

The first few days of 2014 are upon us and it’s a time for reflection on the passage of 2013 and looking forward to what will be in store this year. As a media agency CEO, the forward thinking has to include resource planning and professional guestimates on where the marketers are heading, so we have the tools in place to service our clients’ needs.

Here are my personal predictions:


Marketing departments are not cost centers; they are revenue-drivers. Yet, the sheer quantity of data and complexity of campaigns is going to be a massive challenge in 2014. Clients and agencies will need to work doubly hard to stay focused on KPI’s that matter and weight interesting but secondary KPI’s appropriately. If they don’t, they will not see the wood for the trees.


The Ever-Expanding Holiday Shopping Week

Coming off the heels of Black Friday and Cyber Monday week, it seems that this year was the year for adding new “Days” of significance to shoppers and marketers.  Below is a quick breakdown of the days that currently exist, including 2 new additions this year:

- Gray Thursday – (New This Year)
- Black Friday
- Small Business Saturday
- Cyber Monday
- Giving Tuesday – (New This Year)


In my opinion, ONE is absurd, while the other is brilliant.