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Retargeting: Time to get creative!

Thoughts from Just Media, Inc’s Analytics Manager, Frauke Cast.

Re-engaging with your audience is one of the most successful strategies to drive a conversion. Today’s article on ClickZ points out a few rules we all need to keep in mind to ensure a positive experience for the user. Obviously, the risk of annoying the audience is high. In addition to frequency capping, opt-out icons and excluding already converted users, we also strongly encourage our clients to get creative with their messaging. Change up the offer, build the message by sequencing different banners so your campaign becomes the online equivalent of lead nurturing, follow up after a trial sign-up to remind the user to purchase, send check out abandoners a new offer to encourage that sale. The possibilities are endless!

Interested in understanding more about how to integrate retargeting and other cutting edge digital marketing techniques into your media plan? Dick Reed, CEO of Just Media, Inc., put together a road show to explain what can be done with data pixels, impression bidding and audience targeting. Please contact me, Frauke Cast or Dick directly for more information and to get on the tour. Each event is personally tailored to your needs. It’s one hour, a whiteboard and an open mind!

Buying impressions: A changing landscape?

Just Media, Inc’s Media Consultant, Carrie Cooney takes a look at changes in technology when it comes to targeting:

“Anyone familiar with online media is well aware that it is constantly changing and something new is always just around the corner. These changes affect the way we plan and buy media. With technologies improving, I’ve been getting more involved with search retargeting, impressions retargeting, behavioral targeting and contextual targeting. To briefly explain in some detail each of these:

-Search retargeting: Targets an audience with display ads based on user search history and landing activity. It combines the efficiency of search and the reach and branding power of display. Search retargeting is based on users who have searched for your target keywords AND have landed on a tagged page. Essentially it’s a landing that results from a search.


Online Data Tracking could use a cleanup, but it’s nothing to be scared of.

Just Media’s Media Planner & Buyer, Kevin Flint, gives some thought to arguments surrounding Online Data Tracking and its wider implications.

There are a lot of scary stories floating around out about advertisers’ use of online “tracking cookies”. These include the announcement of Microsoft’s default “Do Not Track” setting in its latest browser, Internet Explorer 10. As well as recent developments in Europe that are moving to thwart advertiser’s use of cookies.

Marketers and the online advertising industry are up in arms for fear that our industry will be utterly destroyed. Privacy advocates and tech pro’s seem to think it’s a slam dunk of good over evil. (more…)

Navigating a Social Media World

With more and more consumers accessing social network sites to gather input and post reviews, Chain Store Age spoke with Dick Reed, CEO of Just Media, on a subject that is a top priority for retailers across the board: how to reach out to consumers in today’s social media world.

To contact Dick:

Clash of the social titans!

Just Media, Inc’s CEO, Dick Reed, offers thoughts on the battle being joined by LinkedIn and Twitter:

This afternoon I received the following announcement from LinkedIn:

LinkedIn and Twitter have worked together since 2009 to enable you to share your professional conversations on both platforms. Twitter recently evolved its strategy and this will result in a change to the way Tweets appear in third-party applications. Starting today Tweets will no longer be displayed on LinkedIn.

Such a simple statement and yet with potentially quite significant ramifications. What it really shows is the unwrapping of existing social media networks as each business struggles to control it’s users, it’s influence and at the heart, it’s revenue stream.

While the impact of such an announcement is hard to quantify – Linkedin had suggestions in it’s communication how users should continue to work through it’s product to get tweets out – the underlying trend here is the real story.

Social media is not one happy sandpit. It’s a complex and churning ecosystem of competing solutions each trying to slice out a share of our increasingly limited time. It’s an eco system of increasingly unsocial companies.

The gloves are off – let battle commence.

Dick Reed, CEO
Just Media, Inc.

Unique ad unit for EMC in Wall Street Journal

The lack of blog activity over recent months is obvious.

With major brand launches from Juniper Networks and EMC, rolled out on a global scale, its been very much all hands on deck including me. It’s something I love though as get back into both strategy development and actual media planning – back at the cutting edge, creating unique opportunities like the upside down T ad in Wall Street Journal – something no agency ever ran before.   

As a result of the business growth the agency has, and will continue to add new faces, new skills and greater depth to our team.

Watch this space and keep tuning in….more blogging will be sure to follow

Dick Reed CEO

Unique media ad unit for EMC

Unique media ad unit for EMC

Can you trust the web? The story of Spikey Reed

Last weekend a friendly neighbour offered us the opportunity to adopt a pet – an Australian lizard known as a Bearded Dragon. Of course my two young boys leapt at the chance and immediately named him Spikey. I was equally thrilled until forking out over $250 for a tank, lights, hiding log, sand, and various live critters for Spikey to eat.

Within 48 hours we had a problem…Spikey was off his food and looking stressed and so I searched online for additional information that might help me. Turns out there is a lot – 460,000 results according to Google!

And here lies the biggest problem. Almost all the information was contradictory with various “experts” claiming different solutions to my care problem. Indeed when talking to the local Reptile pet experts they immediately said “don’t trust the web there’s loads of crap out there”.

Now this applies to almost every category of ‘product’. Type in a search and thousands of experts will give you opinions, many without any of the real depth required to make truly informed decisions. This is only made worse by blogger sites which typically include the rather disparate views of fans on one side and detractors on the other.

The bottom line is who, in this age of information freedom, do we trust? Who’s opinions are valid and how do you know where trusted resources lie? One might argue that’s what you get from recognized publishers and trained journalists. Given the corporate responsibility to try to maintain quality controls, one would imagine they should vet more closely the content they provide…but do they?

What has been emphasised is the reality of the web’s advice on any subject, especially when that information is provided via social media forums. In the B2B space this is critical and highlights how important the balance of social verses traditional emphasis will remain in the future as regards buying decisions.

Oh and Spikey is currently on holiday at the reptile store being encouraged to feed with a little professional coaching and therapy. The free gift has been one of the most expensive I’ve ever received but we can’t wait to get him home – it already feels empty without him.

IDC Directions- anything new?

Last week I attended the IDC Directions event in San Jose to see what the anaylst community are telling technology marketers.

I guess I was hoping as always to learn something ground breaking. Sadly there was not much new, just an emphasis on the more obvious which apparently still challenges the tech market.

First in the list is the blindingly obvious disconnect between Sales and Markting. Rich Vancil reckons that only about 20% of what marketing produces is actually used by sales which sounds about right. It got me thinking. I have to say that in ten years of working on campaigns I have yet to observe a single case where a senior sales person was directly involved in meetings discussing the plans. I have to hope that my regular requests to get feedback from sales have been genuinely transmitted through the organization. I’ve always believed that Marketing efforts which are not well publicised internally fail the first test – that is to be internal promotions and motivations.

Second on the list was the requirement for tech companies to follow what is said about them in the social media environments. There is still considerable confusion about this and how it can be done. I heard one frustrated marketing professional asking whether it was sensible to respond to a blogger circulating misleading and incorrect information – the concern being that to do so would give that blogger increased credibility. Thankfully the advice given – to have a CTO/CIO respond rather than marketing or PR was spot on. However when I pressed IDC specialist Clare Gillan admitted that only 10% of IT pro’s currently use blogs when assessing tech buys.

Otherwise I found the event somewhat quiet compared to previous years. Strange given the possibility of tightening budgets and the likelyhood that marketers will be required to be even more productive in the future.